Bears Bears Bears

We are finally slowly moving out of ‘bear country’ … ¬†Here are some pictures of bears we have seen so far.

Kitesurfing … or the lack of it …

Soo… no, I haven’t had any yet! Kiting I mean… I had a little panic attack 5 days ago driving around Yellowstone lake. The first winter storm for the season was coming in and it was the first day of it so the wind was still relatively warm. It was blowing 20 to 25 knots on the lake. The problem was there was no safe launch site and frankly I was a bit afraid given there was noooooobody but us around. We walked on a small beach to look for a good spot but the sand was littered with fresh bear tracks to which Teresa gave me the ‘you are insane if you think I will be waiting for your sorry ass’ look … Needless to say I did not kite!

Today I decided to look for kiting spot in Utah – our next destination. According to a blog post I found the best Kiting destination in Utah is apparently in Wyoming – Sulphur Creek Reservoir, WY. This place is on our way to Salt Lake so I am planning on making a little detour there. I guess I should run the idea past T first … :).


Anyhow, the wait long be long. We are flying to DC on October 16th and will drive to the Outer Banks, NC on October 22nd for 3 days of kiting. Fingers crossed the wind will cooperate ūüôā


We spent almost 2 weeks in Yellowstone from the end of September to the beginning of October.¬† It was the end of the season however the park still felt really crowded.¬† I can only imagine the craziness that the summer season presents.¬† We heard that more than 3 million people visit the park in the 7 months it’s open.¬† Based on what we saw, that must be absolutely crazy.


We really wanted to take our time in Yellowstone, so we decided to stay as much as we felt comfortable with.  For 2 weeks we managed to see all major geyser areas, did 4 or 5 days of hiking and explored all roads.  It is a cool park!  It is interesting to point out that relatively speaking, we felt bear safe in Yellowstone. After all, we came to Yellowstone after spending a month and a half in Alaska, Yukon and BC.

We found a cool campsite in West Yellowstone to stay for 5 days.¬† We were the only visitors in the campsite which was amazing.¬† We had a spot right by a lake and the internet bandwidth to ourselves :)… I watched a few premiership games on the laptop :).¬† The lake was also pretty cool because it was duck migration season and there were thousands of ducks in the lake and probably a dozen bald eagles hovering around.¬† Cool to see a bold eagle attack a flock of ducks.