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After 7 years in the tech industry, our wanderlust and longing for adventure drove us to buy a truck, quit our jobs, pack up our lives in Seattle and plan a overland trip through the Americas.  We cracked open two fortune cookies one evening long before we committed to the trip:

Be good to yourself.  Dessert three times per week is OK.

You will soon be going on a fun road trip with friends and family.

For two people who love chocolate and traveling equally, it felt like a sign to invest fully in the trip (and enjoy lots of dessert along the way).

Hawaii Hike

Pu’u O Umi Natural Area Reserve, Hawaii

Some questioned why we would want to do such a thing while others are figuring out when they can make time to visit us along the way. We’re still trying to figure out how to merge the Bulgarian and Canadian flags into something that is visually appealing.

Whether you think we’re crazy or love the idea, it will be an inspiring ride.  We hope you follow our progress and would love to hear from you!

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