Moab: an eye-opener for a coast lover

It has never occurred to me that the desert is a place I want to be.  Moab and the surrounding area of Utah has definitely changed my mind.  The town is in the middle of national and state parks and offers hiking, climbing, biking, and rafting/canoeing.  Moab also offers great local restaurants and cafes and a fun local NPR station (90.1).  90.1 played a ton of new-to-me music.  One of the songs I was digging was Breezeblocks by Alt J.

George was excited to do some mountain biking.  I bit the bullet and we headed to Dead Horse Point State Park.  George was busy setting up jumps and shooting video while I went from hating it, to sort of liking it, to wishing the ride was over for the sake of my behind.  I definitely recommend the park though, beautiful.  We spent the next couple of days hiking in the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  Great time of year to visit: few people and perfect sunny yet crisp weather.

I’ll definitely be back Moab!




Bonneville Salt Flats

We took a little side trip west out of Salt Lake before high-tailing it south.  G was pretty pumped to drive on the speedway.  I didn’t share his enthusiasm until we got out there and started driving.  Weeeee.



Back to Utah

After a week in Sint Maarten we are back in Utah.  We arrived around midnight last night to the campsite.  We found the truck under a pile of leaves and branches but in pretty good shape.  She started right up and there were no leaks after 6 weeks of sitting in the cold.  I cannot say the same for us though.  We came from 32C to -2C.  Neither of us slept much last night.

We have a lot of videos and pictures to post from the Caribbean.  We will be updating the blog quite a bit in the next week.  Here is a quick video I put together as a teaser :).


Kitesurfing … or the lack of it …

Soo… no, I haven’t had any yet! Kiting I mean… I had a little panic attack 5 days ago driving around Yellowstone lake. The first winter storm for the season was coming in and it was the first day of it so the wind was still relatively warm. It was blowing 20 to 25 knots on the lake. The problem was there was no safe launch site and frankly I was a bit afraid given there was noooooobody but us around. We walked on a small beach to look for a good spot but the sand was littered with fresh bear tracks to which Teresa gave me the ‘you are insane if you think I will be waiting for your sorry ass’ look … Needless to say I did not kite!

Today I decided to look for kiting spot in Utah – our next destination. According to a blog post I found the best Kiting destination in Utah is apparently in Wyoming – Sulphur Creek Reservoir, WY. This place is on our way to Salt Lake so I am planning on making a little detour there. I guess I should run the idea past T first … :).


Anyhow, the wait long be long. We are flying to DC on October 16th and will drive to the Outer Banks, NC on October 22nd for 3 days of kiting. Fingers crossed the wind will cooperate 🙂