Tequila, Mexico

Well, turns out there is a place called Tequila and tequila comes from there … Who would have guessed …So, naturally we went to visit. Tequila, Mexico is a small town about 100km from Guadalajara.  The town is a bit of a tourist trap.  Everything in this town is about making, selling and drinking tequila.  We did a tour of the Jose Cuervo factory.  It was quite interesting to see the process and see how they use blue agave to make the drink.  Tequila tasting was good tambien :).

Oh, yeah … and since we were crunched on time we took a Spanish tour around the factory since we had to wait longer for English.  The Spanish classes came a little late …

Another interesting experience on the way to Tequila was the annual Guadalajara motorcycle drive.  We passed a good 10,000 motorcyclists … Needless to say I was scared out of my mind not to hit anybody since these guys were riding everywhere.  I was going < 20 mph.