Grand Teton National Park

We are currently in Grand Teton National Park. We stayed 3 days in Jackson, Wyoming. Teresa wasn’t feeling well so we took a hotel. To be honest I did not fight much since the Fall temperatures finally caught up with us. Our last night in Yellowstone the temperature came down to -14C (7F). This caused the water hoses in the back of the car and the heat exchanger in the front to freeze. So we drove to Jackson, i.e. we drove South and stayed there for 3 nights. A bit of a splurge – TV, showers and a bed. After the third day we decided to go budget again and we move to a hostel in Jackson Village – a small ski resort about 30miles out of Jackson. The hostel is half the price of the hotel and we still have showers and a bed :).

The weather is not much better in Grand Teton vs. Yellowstone. It is sunny and clear during the day going up to 10C/50F and -10C/14F at night. I drained all the water from the car hoping to save the heat exchanger and etc.

We are planning on a 10miles hike tomorrow with a 6200ft vertical change roundtrip. It will be challenging day so we waited an extra day to make sure Teresa is really feeling better. In the meantime Jackson Village is a desert town. The resort is officially being closed today for the offseason (only 2 weeks) so we basically have the place to ourselves. This is a welcomed change from the RV madness of Alaska and the crazy campsites of Banff (780 spots campsites…).