San Miguel de Allende

I first heard about San Miguel on some travel show and subsequently from a series of friends (August+Natalie and Rachel).  It’s known for begin a wonderful colonial town where hordes of foreign artists have settled.  Generally, people stay on the coasts when vacationing in Mexico, so I was excited to see some of the interior.  Though in all fairness, San Miguel is pretty swamped with tourists.

We chose a popular campground in the city.  After a little maneuvering in the narrow streets, we claimed the last spot in the perpetual full campground.  It was full of the ‘around the world overland vehicles’ we had become accustom to.  It was certainly a first time seeing so many in one spot though.  The couple camping beside us had come 4 years ago for a day and decided to stayed.  We planned for a shorter visit.

Again we felt some serendipity in our timing.  It was the anniversary of San Miguel.  There were a number of events planned including a marathon, concert with a bunch of foreign dignataries and fireworks.  We walked around the town, had a wonderful dinner (damn true Mexican food is delicious) and watched the concert.  It gets pretty cold in San Miguel at night, so we relied on some hot chocolate to sustain us through the concert.  The fireworks tower they assembled seemed a little like the leaning tower of pisa to me, but it lasted through the post-concert fireworks which were…bananas.  They lit off a bunch of conventional fireworks and then sections of the fireworks tower one by one.  Gradually, they worked their way to the top of the tower.  At one point George observed that the only thing left was for the top to fly away…and then the damn thing did…hahaha.

I now know two things about Mexicans for certain.  They take Tequila and fireworks seriously and kill it on both.