We got invaded .. again !

Ok, this time it is not ants, or bears for that matter.  It is, wait for it … it is giant land crabs!  It just happens to be full moon and it just happens to be the beginning of the rainy season … and, as I just read (yes, it is 23:30 in the evening and I am reading wikipedia about land crabs … see terrestrial crabs and land crabs), it is giant Land Crab mating season!  Oh, baby!

So, last night and tonight we got surrounded by hundreds of giant crabs.  We were safely inside the mosquito net under the awning. At first we thought it was pretty cool to see these huge creatures everywhere. And then … then we came to understand the meaning of the word everywhere.  About 2 hours ago, which is about 9:30pm I was just finally dozing off.  I say finally because it is full moon and I was worried if the tide will come too high and we will have to move the car … Ok, this is a separate topic, but we are parked a little bit close to the water.  Anyways, so two hours ago I am dozing off and I hear something scratching at the tent.  Usually this would be a bird and after a quick tap on the tent from the inside the intruder would be gone.  So, there goes a tap and I quickly go back to dozing off.  Two minutes later there is the scratch again.  I tap again and turn to the other side but there is the noise again and again.  So I turn to Teresa, who is reading her book at this time and I am “Hey, there is something on the outside of the tent.  Could you please pass me the headlight”.  We turn the light on and we both scream for our lives.  There is a giant land crab hanging smack in the middle of the mosquito net on the outside of the tent.  It is an inch from my legs, just chilling and chewing on the net… Not to help at all the shadow of the stupid crab on the top of the awning made it look like a f*&ing alien!  Yes, we did scream a bit … Maybe I screamed a bit more than Teresa. Watch the video below.

T got out of the tent first.  She had to pee and when T has to pee there is nothing that can stop her … For once in the last 10 months I will say I was happy that Teresa has a small bladder.  So she is out of the tent and 5 seconds later she starts screaming.  There are more crabs climbing on the side of the mosquito net under the awning….

So we spent the next 30 minutes kicking crabs from the top of the car with a hiking poll and devising a way to lift the mosquito net off the ground for the night so no more crabs climb up.

It has been some time now but I am still a bit disturbed so I am writing a post instead of sleeping… Wish me good luck.


Update:  … every single one of the emails we got back for this post asked if we cooked the crabs … The answer is NO!!!  Let’s just say, we will ever eat crabs again.  These guys were frankly disgusting … Oh, and by the way there were no more crabs on the 3rd night.  It wasn’t full moon anymore so they were all gone … And thank God!