Kiting and Hot Springs in La Ventana

Five miles North of La Ventana there is a place known as the ‘hot springs’ beach.  There are hot springs that are right under the shore break.  At low tide you can dig a hole in the sand and you can get scolding hot water coming from the ground.  A week ago we went with our camping neighbors from Montreal (Tommy and Melisa) to the hot spring beach to build a jacuzzi of sorts on the sand.  We dug (more like found it) a big whole in the sand.  We put a big tarp in the whole and we filled it up with hot water from the springs.  The deal was that Tommy and I would be kiting while the girls fill the whole.  Didn’t happen exactly as advertised but at least we kited for a bit 🙂 …

Water Tank Upgrades

I finally completed the upgrades on the water tank in the car.  I installed a heat sensor and gauge and also a tank water level sensor and a gauge in the back to help us with filling.  In the initial design of the water tank we planned to have a separate filling whose in addition to the out pipe.  This wasn’t very practical however.  At some point I realized that we can fill the water tank from the out pipe.  The water pump has a 3000 psi reverse flow shutoff valve, so when you put water in reverse it actually flows in the tank.  This was super convenient for us since I did not have to remove all the junk from the trunk to get to the back to fill the tank.  The problem however was that we had no way to know when the tank gets full so to be conservative we would usually fill it half way up.  Well, not anymore :).  Now we have an awesome water level gauge so we know when we are out of water and when we are full … We have been taking awesome hot showers on the beach!  Yeah!

Happy New Year

Happy 2013! Since we arrived in La Ventana on 30th, we did not have much time to plan for New Year’s Eve celebrations.  We decided to join a bunch of the campers for a big bonfire on the beach 50 yards from our campsite.  Good fun group and lots of beers around a big bonfire.