Last stop El Salvador (El Cuco)

Our final stop in El Salvador was (conveniently close to the border with Honduras).  We stayed at La Tortuga Verde which I would describe as designer camping – cabins with an open air feel (we slept in Taj of course).  The hotel is known for their turtle hatchery.  Unfortunately in El Salvador, the locals collect turtle eggs from the beach and eat them.  There doesn’t seem to be any organized government effort to prevent this, so the hotel owner purchases the eggs from locals for $0.25 a pop, so they can hatch.  He buys thousands of eggs a year.  The beach was lovely and there were apparently great surfing spots near buy.  I did read to be on the look out for jelly fish though, which can really throw a wrench into your wave frolicking.  We were only planning to stay for a night, but hung around for several days enjoying the hammocks.