In pursuit of el dorado… – Laguna de Guatavita

Laguna de Guatavita has a long history starting with the Muisca people at least 500 years ago.  The Muisca would throw gold offerings into the water from a perch in the hills surrounding the laguna.  Many attempts to recover the gold (el dorado) have been made (including cutting a ditch out of the side of the laguna to drain it), but reports are conflicting as to whether any one of the parties was very successful.

Guatavita is a circular lake at 3000 meters that has no water outlet.  Discovery Channel aired a a theory that a meteor formed the crater and now lake, however scientists have evidence that the crater was once a giant salt deposit.


For the entire drive to the lake, George plotted about finding gold and his plans for it (blah blah blah). I quickly forgot about this as we climbed the short path to the viewpoints atop the laguna, which offered us picturesque views of the surrounding countryside and the laguna itself. A nice little stopover and a chance to stretch your legs if you have half a day free.