La Forza Del Destino

We are in Westbrook Connecticut on a Swan 77.  The boat is amazing.  The plan is to leave today to Chesapeake Bay and stay there for 2 days to duck a storm going up North.  On 10th we will head towards Bermuda and from there to our final destination St. Martinique.  We will probably arrive on 18th or 19th and will stay a few days before we fly back to Salt Lake city to pickup our truck.



Detour from the detour …

Change of plans!  I connected with a friend who is working as a skipper.  He needs a hand to do a delivery from Connecticut to St. Martinique in the Caribbean.  We are driving on Saturday to drive to Connecticut to meet up with the boat.  Will spend the Sunday and Monday helping prep the boat and will departure probably on Tuesday. The delivery is supposed to take 8 to 9 days.  Fingers crossed there are no more hurricanes.

… You should see Teresa’s shopping list of anti seasickness pills 🙂