After a bad first impression, giving Leon a chance

Well, I can’t say the city exactly welcomed us with open arms.  After a rocky couple of nights, we wanted to give the city a chance.  It was a little frustrating how many local businesses were closed because of Semana Santa, but there was nothing to be done about that.  We spent some time relaxing on a shaded bench in the central square.  George likes his coca cola, so he went to grab one from a local street vendor.  What he came back with was a plastic bag filled with ice and cola, tied off with a straw jammed in.  Not the cold refreshing glass bottle he was expecting.  The city does have its charms though.  A beautiful church in the central square (the largest in Central America) was the starting point for an Easter procession (minus the alfombras that Antigua laid out).  G and I had a front row seat from a coffee shop.  Another charm – delicious coffee.  All-in-all, Leon was a nice town – I can’t see myself visiting again though.  I don’t have the will do fend off the bed bugs.

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