Boarding down the side of a volcano (there is a reason to visit Leon!)

Well, if it wasn’t clear by now, G is a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  He particularly loves things on a board where you move fast (kiting, snow boarding, etc.).  When he saw that you could board down the side of a volcano outside of Leon, he got that all too familiar look in his eye (he’s about to charm me into coming along).  There were two options, go down like you were snow boarding or like you were tobogganing (on your rump).  We both choose to utilize our backsides.

The day we chose was particularly hot and windy (carrying your board and gear up the side of a volcano and through the active crater wasn’t awesome).  In the end, we did make it to the top and were rewarded by some incredible views.  It was then go time, and we suited up. We were both keen and therefore close to the front of the line.  The boards were really just reinforced wood with a piece of laminate on the bottom to help with speed.  I noticed that a piece of laminate had broken off on one of the boards.  I new the jagged edge would catch and create drag.  I made sure G got the other board – knowing he would appreciate the speed more.  I was cursing that decision on the way down.  I barley get the board moving, f@$k that (okay – my form was probably not the best, but that board didn’t help).  G of course came piling down the hill after my having a grand old time.  Oh well, we were there to satisfy the adrenaline junkie.

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