Leon Hostels Part II

… I should start by saying that even before this incident we had been extremely cautious about bed bugs.  We never ever leave stuff on the beds and we go in rooms with minimum things.  Everything else stays in the car… 

We had paid to stay for 3 nights at this one party hostel n Leon.  Since it was Semana Santa (Easter week) everything else in town was booked.  The first night it turned out there was a bed bug infestation in our room.  Gross!

That night we had no choice but to sleep in the room.  Both T and I were very, very tired.   The same day we had woken up 5am to cross from El Salvador to Nicaragua (See the “Two border crossings one day” post).  The only solution we could find was to take shifts.  Yes, Nicolas … we did shifts of 3 hours … :).  One of us was on ‘bed bug duty’ whacking the suckers with a toothpaste and the other sleeping.  I won’t give you the number of bedbugs we killed since I hope you will still invite us to your house one day … Oh, and on top of all this suck, I had a classic case of traveler’s diarrhea …  Joy!

Next morning we were spent.  We had vouchers for free coffee at the hostel but we couldn’t wait to GTFO so we gathered all strength and stumbled to a coffee shop on the main square to look for a new place …

A few hours later we had it.  A brand new hostel.  Good ratings, supposed to be super clean, etc. etc. We move in, we washed all cloths, went trough everything that was in the first hostel (did it twice) to make sure things were clean, etc.  All great right … Wrong! The second hostel also had bed bugs!  F*&k!

Ok, there were much, much, much less suckers than the first place but still.  I was so tired that night.  I just said fuck it and crashed in bed.  T however couldn’t sleep at all.  She basically pulled an all-nighter with the toothpaste in hand …

Next morning – volcano climbing and lava boarding (see next post).  T was tired out of her mind.

Next evening we were done changing hostels.  There is no f*&^ing hope!  We just slept in two hammocks in the hostel backyard.

Tonight we are camping!  Unfortunately we have to spend the day disinfecting and looking at everything with magnifying glass….


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