Granada, finally some competition for Antigua

I knew I was going to love Granada when we pulled in.  Touristy yes, but with that came beautiful colonial buildings, nice cafes, and a well-maintained central square.  We of course headed to get our internets fix.  That night, we decided to camp out along the lake.  Scouting the area, we came across two Mercedes trucks (German travellers, of course).  We asked to crash next to them (safety in numbers and all that).  The next morning, we chatted with one of our neighbors (Sonja, Claus, and Mia).  They joined us for breakfast at one of the restaurants along a pedestrian street.  We then strolled around the city.  Did I mention Claus is also a kiter?  The men soon hashed out a plan to head for the nearest kite spot (oh gee).

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