Bahia de Salinas – in pursuit of kiting

Before heading in the direction of Bahia de Salinas (the best kitesurfing spot in Costa Rica, known as the 8th windiest place in the world), I implored George to find somewhere we could sleep.  He tracked down a few kite schools online thinking that they could at least point us in the direction of a nice camping spot.  We had just missed the season though, so the kite schools were quiet.  This led us to arbitrarily choose dirt roads to drive down.  After some backtracking and stops to ask locals for directions, we finally found a nice beach spot to camp out.  The truck was in need of some serious organization and we needed a few easy days to get back into the swing of things (because travelling is just so hard J).  We loved the spot, but the damn water was treacherous (jellyfish!).  At low tide, the beach was plastered with the stupid things.  On the way out, we ran across about twenty monkeys making their way across the still arid landscape – rainy season hadn’t hit this part of the coast yet.  It seems always to be the case that the amazing wildlife sightings are serendipity, happening nowhere near the national parks that you pay to get into.