What’s in a name

We are a traveling trio.  There is the Bulgarian, the Canadian, and our reliable Toyota Tacoma pickup.  We very quickly named our tent Taj, as in Ta Mahal, because we learned the value of sleeping off the ground. We’ve been procrastinating naming the taco though.  We frequently give her (yes, it’s a her), appreciate taps much like you would a horse – at least that’s what I’ve read.  We’ve been test-driving some options.  There was “Tony the truck” which did not communicate the fact that the taco is a lady.  We tried “Ellie”, short for elephant.  That was a little too close to a certain niece, and I don’t really think the taco epitomizes any elephant characteristics.  We then tried “Gandalf…the grey”.  That didn’t last long, and yes we are geeks.  Going back to the drawing board, we tried listing qualities of the truck.  Reliable, easy going, adventurous – she certainly doesn’t mind getting her feet dirty.  That led nowhere. Finally, we ran into some inspiration in the form of a dog on the beach in Costa Rica.  Drum role please…”Pura Vida”, Vida for short.  Pure life or full of life – a Tico saying.  Perfect.


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