I almost did an oops!

It is active planning again.  Tomorrow we are crossing to Panama.  We are researching shipping options for Vida (our beloved truck) from Panama to Colombia.  At the same time we started reading for the best way for us to do the trip.  The price for flying to Cartagena and taking a five day sailboat trip through the San Blas islands is almost the same, soooo … So, I quickly closed kayak.com and opened a website Teresa found with sailing options.

So, what’s the oops?  I am reading this website and shooting quick emails to the captains of different boats.  I had just prepared the next email and I was right to click send when I noticed this:

Update: On 2nd of July Fritz-the-Cat sunk: http://www.eltiempo.com/colombia/cartagena/ARTICULO-WEB-NEW_NOTA_INTERIO…

… It just made me read and reread all the details for the sailing boats I emailed …

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