Antigua, Guatemala

Today makes two weeks since we arrived in Antigua.  Both Teresa and I are totally loving our experience here.  We are taking Spanish classes in the mornings and the afternoons are a mix of homework and activities around town.  We rented a small flat at the end of town with a small kitchen and a kick ass rooftop deck with a view of all three volcanoes around.  One of the volcanoes is active and regularly puts a show spewing lava and smoke high in the sky.

Here are a few pictures from Antigua for a taste of what are our days like.  I will be adding more posts for Antigua since there is so much stuff around here.   The town is absolutely beautiful.

Family and friends have been asking to put pictures on the site from our last month and a half of travel.  We will be doing that in the next week or so.  I will be adding posts with older dates to keep events in order so look for new posts prior to this one.  We hit some really cool places to make it down to Antigua so stay tuned.



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