Stocking the Pantry

Baking supplies

Flour: crepes, pancakes, quick breads, pizza, empanadas, fried bread
Powdered milk: crepes and pancakes
Powdered eggs: crepes and pancakes
Vanilla: crepes, hot cocoa


Tuna: sandwiches and pasta
Corn: with rice or in salads
Beans: add-on to any meal

Grains and legumes

Quinoa: good protein for the Veggies
Dried beans

Sauces, condiments and add-ons

Tomato paste
Coconut milk: quick curries
Vegetable Oil
Hot sauce
Pickles: nice alone or to chop up and put in Tuna
Mustard: with Tuna or eaten with little sausages
Nutella: expensive but a big jar will last us a month and gets us through the long hauls.
Peanut butter: easy sandwiches
Honey: Good with peanut butter, in oatmeal, or with crepes
Jam: with toast or crepes


Coffee (lots of it; we have some Nescafé for hiking trips)


Popcorn kernels: cost effective easy snack
Nuts and dried fruit: snacks or in oatmeal, yogurt

Herbs and Spices

Mint: Bulgarian white beans, good for your tummy soups
Savory: Bulgarian lentils
Paprika: Almost everything
Curry powder: Quick curries
Cumin: Potatoes, curried vegetables
Turmeric: Curried vegetables, one-pot meals
Basil: Red sauce
Hot Pepper Flakes: Lots of things
Bay leaves: Soups
Ground ginger: Fresh is better, but ground works in a pinch
Dill: Eggs, potatoes
Cinnamon: Curried vegetables, sweet things

One thought on “Stocking the Pantry

  1. I love that you put this food page together Teresa! Sounds a lot like our travel pantry 🙂 Some of my necessities are onions, garlic, vegetable bouillon (for rice, lentils, and soups), and olive oil.

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