Land ahoy!

Honestly, I decided to help out with the delivery of La Forza Del Destino because I wasn’t sure what else I would do with the time.  I did all I could to prepare: dramamine, ginger bites, ginger tea and various flu and cold medication.  The first few days were rocky, but we were motoring.  I managed to keep my stomach in check although I nearly broke down once or twice getting used to going on watch while things were rocking.  After a stop over in Chesapeake Bay to wait out a storm, we were off again.  Conditions were clear, the sea was flat, and I was ecstatic…maybe I was in the clear.  Then  the wind picked up (30+ knots) and we started sailing.  The boat was healing and rocking – it looked like a tornado swept through the inside of the boat.  All I will say about the next 36 hours or so is that I’m happy we brought compostable garbage bags.  At one point, I may have yelled at George over the wind and rain that this was the worst day of my life (dramatic, I know).  As the temperature climbed, I felt better and better.  I finally cracked a smile when we saw land.

Thanks to the captain and crew of La Forza for getting me through and putting up with me.  With some perspective, it was an unforgettable and worthwhile ride.


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