Frankenstorm … in the morning …

At the time it I felt kind of stupid moving our mattress from the 2nd to the 1st floor and sleeping in the middle of the kitchen.  However the morning after the storm I felt a bit better about it … Check out some of the damage from fallen trees in the neighborhood.  Happy to report all the trees around my sister’s house lived to see ‘another storm’.




Sandy is coming … Waiting for the storm with a glass of rum and tea around the fireplace at my sister’s place.  We were in Charleston South Carolina till yesterday for a wedding.  We left Charleston at 4pm and made it back to DC around 2:30am.  There were hundreds of utility trucks from all kinds of power companies from Florida and SC driving North in preparation for the storm.  It was cool to see.

The storm is still hundred miles from the coast it is raining hard and blowing 40mph wind out here.  We expect the power to go down and there to be downed trees so we are probably going to sleep on the 1st floor around the fireplace tonight.


Volleyball in Jackson, Wyoming

We stopped for 3 days in Jackson, Wyoming.  Jackson is a really pretty town.  There are at least half a dozen ski runs that finish right at the end of town – I bet you can ski from the slopes straight in the Snake River Brewery (what would be the Full Sail Brewery in Hood River for all you HR folks).

T had a great idea one day to checkout the local community rec center for a swimming pool.  Not only did they have one but they also had a jacuzzi and an awesome water slide …  We also found out they had an open gym volleyball night coming up. The next day I decided to give it a try.  Usually open gym volleyball is a gamble since either the level is not great or sometimes people are not very friendly.  Turned out this place was neither.  Folks were awesome and we had 3 hours of great 6 vs 6 ball.  I had soooo much fun.  I felt rusty (timing, speed, passing, etc.) after spending two and a half months in a car but I felt really good to hit a few balls.

I remember three of the folks Michael, Destin and Crista.  Thanks Michael for the good time and the beer after :).   Jackson VB rules!


Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Illusion shattered … So, I started writing a this post about the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Jackson Wyoming thinking this is the only one, only to find out on wikipedia there are about 50 other Ripley museums … Bummer.  Not feeling special anymore … :(.  Ripley, I want my money back!