Good vibes

We’ve been admittedly a little overwhelmed by the cruise ships and RVers in Alaska. It hasn’t felt as wild as we expected. Upon entering Seward though, we got immediate good vibes. What a beautiful little town.



Bus or RV

Yes, you are correct – that is 3 person jacuzzi on the back … The world of RV’s out there is something special. Driving in the middle of summer travel season in Alaska we saw quite a few crazy rigs. My favorite is a 60 foot RV towing a F150 truck, with 2 ATVs in the Ford’s back…



Seeing bears is a requirement for a proper Alaskan trip. The first campsite in Juneau hadn’t had a bear sighting in a month. The second hadn’t had one in 5 days. We saw a grizzly fishing on the way to the third site. Since G kept reminding me that he didn’t need to be faster than the bear, just faster than the slowest person in the party (me), I sent him to get the pics.  And as we were pulling into our last site, a black bear was coming out.

Brown Bear


A good omen

Working our way through a narrow fjord on the way to Juneau, the captain notifies the ship that they’ve spotted a spirit bear off the port side of the boat. Spirit bears are rare black bears with white coats due to a recessive gene. We heard through the ship grapevine that it took some documentary filmmakers 9 months to spot one spirit bear.  Needless to say, the captain turned the ship around three times to get a good shot. A good start to the trip.

Spirit Bear