On the way to the Caribbean


We are leaving Saturday at 6am.  Destination St. Martinique.  Weather permitting, the estimate is the crossing will be 7 days.  The skipper says the first day or two it will be rough until we cross the Gulf Stream but after the temperature should get warmer and hopefully we should get steady northerly winds.

I thought this was a really cool visual of the Gulf Stream from wikipedia.org.


Sailing update …

We arrived in Norfolk VA yesterday evening.  We managed to slip in right before the worst of the Nor’easter storm hit the east coast.  We spent 2 days motoring from Connecticut around Long Island and down to Norfolk.  We hit 40mpg winds and 6 to 8 feet waves.  It wasn’t very pretty but we made it in safely.  The boat is awesome.  T and I have a cabin and with toilet and shower just for us.  We are 6 crew on board and did 3 shifts of 3 hours each.  Basically everybody stays on shift for 3 hours and sleeps for 6 after.  Here are some pictures of the boat.